Balinese Crested Duck


Conservation Status: NOT EVALUATED
Common Name: Bali duck, Crested runner duck
Scientific Name: Anas platyrhynchos (Like almost all domesticated duck breeds, the Bali Duck originated from the Mallard)
Type: Bird
Diet: aquatic vegetation, worms, grain crops
Length: unknown
Weight: 2.25–2.75 kg

The Balinese crested duck, often simply referred to as the Bali duck, is a lightweight breed of domesticated duck raised mainly as pets, although they can produce up to 120–250 eggs every year.

In terms of appearance, they look quite similar to the Indian runner duck and come in a variety of standard colors, but the most common are white, brown and a Mallard coloring. They also have a crest on top of their head, which is why they are all called “crested ducks”.

These ducks are uncommon outside of Bali and, like all other breeds of duck, originated from the Mallard.


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