Java Sparrow


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Conservation status: VULNERABLE
Common name: Java Sparrow, Java Rice Bird
Scientific name: Lonchura oryzivora
Type: Bird
Diet:  grain and other seeds
Length: 15–17 cm (Adult)
Weight: 25 g (Adult)

The Java sparrow, also known as the Java rice bird, is a small resident breeding bird in Java, Bali, and Bawean in Indonesia. It is a very social bird and is considered a pest in the rice fields, which is why it is called a “rice bird”.

This species has a predominantly pearl-gray plumage, which becomes pinkish on the belly and whitish towards the vent. Its tail feathers and rump are black and so is its head with a conspicuous white cheek. It also has a massive pink beak.

Due to ongoing habitat loss and hunting, however, these birds have become uncommon in their native regions. It seems like we really have to start paying more attention to the environment and the creatures that live within it.


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