Red Bird-of-Paradise

제목_없는_아트워크 17Conservation status: NEAR THREATENED
Common name: Red bird-of-paradise
Scientific name: Paradisaea rubra
Type: Bird
Diet: fruits and insects
Length: 33 cm (Adult: Male), 30 cm (Adult: Female)
Weight: 158–224 g (Adult: Male), 115–208 g (Adult: Female)

The red bird-of-paradise is a large, brown and yellow bird with a dark brown iris, grey legs, and a yellow bill. The male is more colorful, with an emerald green face, dark green feather pompoms above each eye, and a pair of black, elongated tail wires that resemble ribbons. The train of glossy crimson red plumes with whitish tips at either side of the breast is why the bird is called the “red” bird-of-paradise.

This species is endemic to Indonesia and is distributed to lowland rainforests of Waigeo and Batanta islands of Raja Ampat, and West Papua. They are considered to be near threatened due to a declining trend is total population, which is most likely due to human activity that results in habitat loss.



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