Spectral Tarsier

Tarsius (1)

Conservation status: VULNERABLE
Common name: Spectral tarsier
Scientific name: Tarsius tarsier
Type: Mammal
Diet: insects, lizards, and snakes
Length: 9.5 – 14 cm (Adult)
Weight: 118 – 130 g (Adult: Male), 102 – 114 g (Adult: Female)

The spectral tarsier is a species of tarsier found on the Indonesian island of Selayar. While its range used to include the population on southwestern Sulawesi, this population has been identified as a separate species, Tarsius fuscus, which doesn’t have the spectral tarsier’s large eyes.

As one of the smallest primates in the world, spectral tarsiers can be identified by their massive eyes and tails that are twice as long as its body. They are also known for having especially long ankle bones (tarsals, hence the name tarsier). These cute looking creatures, however, are also the only entirely carnivorous primates

Human settlement in its habitat threatens its continued existence due to habitat loss. To protect these creatures from further environmental threats, it is essential that we moderate from sacrificing forests for economic gains.


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