Red-shanked Douc

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Conservation status: ENDANGERED
Common name: Red-shanked Douc, Douc Langurs
Scientific name: Pygathrix nemaeus
Type: Mammal
Diet: leaves, figs, buds, petioles, flowers, bamboo shoots, and seeds
Length: 61 cm (Adult: Male), 54.5 cm (Adult: Female)
Weight: 11 kg (Adult: Male), 8.44 kg (Adult: Female)

One of the most colorful primates in the world, the douc langur is an old world monkey that is native to the tropical rainforests and monsoon forests of Southeast Asia. They can be found in East-central Lao, north-central Vietnam, and northern Cambodia.

They are social, playful creatures. It would be possible to see them jumping, climbing hanging, swinging, wrestling, and chasing a partner. Like many other primates, doucs also have a specific facial expression that corresponds to their mood. They will make a “play face”, mouth open and teeth partially showing, to initiate playing or stare at other monkeys while raising an eyebrow to make a threat.

The douc langur’s habitat, however, suffered great destruction during the Vietnam war due to defoliants. Such loss of habitat during the war, along with current deforestation and hunting for food and use in traditional medicines, all contribute to the decline in their population.


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