Red-naped Fruit Dove


Conservation status: VULNERABLE
Common name: Red Naped Fruit Dove
Scientific name: Ptilinopus dohertyi
Type: Bird
Diet: fruits
Length: 35 cm (Adult)
Weight: n/a

The red-naped fruit dove is a species of bird endemic to Sumba. As its name indicates, it has a characteristic layer of red feathers that cover its nape.

The front of is head is covered in a white plumage while its chest is covered with pink feathers (beginning from the front of its neck). The body is predominantly green, with each tip of its wings covered in dark blue.

These colorful doves inhabit the subtropical or tropical moist montane forests of Sumba, and, like many other colorful birds, are threatened by habitat loss and a small population size.


  1. “Ptilinopus Dohertyi (Red-Naped Fruit-Dove, Red-Naped Fruit Dove, Red-Naped Fruit-Dove)”. Iucnredlist.Org,



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