Black-naped Monarch

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Conservation status: LEAST CONCERN
Common name: Black-naped Monarch
Scientific name: Hypothymis azurea
Type: Bird
Diet: butterflies, moths, and crickets
Length: 15 – 17 cm (Adult)
Weight: 9 – 13 g (Adult)

These beautiful passerine birds can only be found in Pulau Tekong, the largest outlying island of Singapore that is used as a training base for Singapore army units.

The black-naped monarchs are sexually dimorphic. The male (as shown in the drawing and picture) covers most of its body with an azure plumage that contrasts with its white belly; they also have a black nape and a narrow, black gorget. The female, on the other hand, appeals duller and lacks the black markings; their wings and back are grey-brown.

This species can be found across tropical southern Asia from India and Sri Lanka east to Indonesia and the Philippines. These birds are usually found in thick forests and other well-wooded habitats.

However, although they are of least concern in terms of conservation status, they still seem sensitive to the environment– especially since they can only be found in the outlying island of Singapore where there is not much human influence.


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