Barred Eagle-owl

Barred_Eagle_Owl (1)

Conservation status: LEAST CONCERN
Common name: Barred Eagle-owl
Scientific name: Bubo sumatranus
Type: Bird
Diet: large insects, birds, small mammals (rodents), reptiles, and snakes
Length: 40 – 48 cm (Adult)
Weight: 620 g (Adult: Male; Females are heavier)

The barred eagle-owl, also known as the Malay eagle-owl, is a species of owl that inhabits the Southern Malay peninsula and few other Southeast Asian islands. They can be easily found in subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.

In Singapore, it sometimes possible to hear these owls hoot in the night or even have a chance to meet them nesting in tall trees.

These eagle-owls are fairly large birds, but not so big compared to other eagle-owl species. Males and females appear almost similar and adjacent island subspecies vary dramatically in size, a trait uncommon to eagle-owls.

They have brown eyes and a yellow bill that decorates their pale face mask. Likewise, the narrow black barrings contrast with their white underpart that turns brown towards the chest. The feathers on top of the eyebrows extend outwards, giving it a thick, eye-brow-like shape. The juveniles, however, appear almost white.


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