Tanimbar Corella

Tanimbar_Corella (1)

Conservation status: NEAR THREATENED
Common name: Tanimbar Corella
Scientific name: Cacatua goffiniana
Type: Bird
Diet: seeds, nuts, and fruits
Length: 31 cm (Adult)
Weight: 250 g (Adult: Female), 300 g (Adult: Male)

The Tanimbar Corella is the smallest white cockatoo in the world and can be found throughout Singapore and its offshore island. Like all members of the family Cacatuidae, the Tanimbar Corella is crested, which means that it has a collection of feathers on its head that it can raise or lower. Its body is mainly covered in a white plumage, with salmon or pink colored feathers between the beak and eyes

It is possible to meet these cute, little birds in scrubs, gardens, and parks. However, in contrast to their beautiful appearance and small size, these creatures have a fierce personality. They screech loudly and chase little egrets, crows, and even hornbills from their roost (although such fierce personality does not affect its popularity as a cage bird).


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