Oriental Magpie Robin



Conservation status: LEAST CONCERN
Common name: Oriental Magpie Robin
Scientific name: Copsychus saularis
Type: Bird
Diet:  Insects and other invertebrates
Length: 19 cm (Adult)
Weight: 36 g (Adult)

These birds are residents at the Singapore Botanical Gardens. However, to me, they mean something more than just birds with a black and white plumage. They remind me of my life in Seoul where I would see “kkachis” (Korean magpies) hopping around.

Whenever I saw one in Korea, I would feel happy as seeing magpies symbolize good luck in Korean culture. So, when I first saw one in Singapore, I felt that same sense of pleasure.

It is unfortunate that the population of these birds is declining in Singapore. It seems like, although their global population is stable, the Singaporean population is facing a hard time competing against the Javan Mynahs.


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  2. Huong SL & Sodhi NS (1997). “Status of the Oriental Magpie Robin Copsychus saularis in Singapore”. Malay Nat. J50: 347–354.

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