Black-thighed Falconet



Conservation status: LEAST CONCERN
Common name: Black-thighed falconet
Scientific name: Microhierax fringillarius
Type: Bird
Diet:  insects, occasional small birds, and lizards
Length: 14 -16 cm
Weight: n/a

Description: 16 cm (6 in). Tiny size with small hooked dark greyish bill, blackish underparts, broad blackish patch on ear coverts separated from mantle by narrow white stripe which is joined to narrow down-curving supercilium diagnostic. Underparts white with rufous undertail coverts and inner thighs as well as buff suffusion on lower breast and flanks. Outer thighs blackish. Juvenile: Like adult but forehead, supercilium and cheek patch rufous. Voice: A shrill, high-pitched kli-kli-kli-kli in flight. Range: Tenasserim (Myanmar) and the Malay Peninsula to the Greater Sundas. Status and distribution: Locally common resident from low elevations up to 2031m on Gunung Batu Brinchang, Cameron Highlands (Pahang), south to Singapore, where it is currently a rare non-breeding dispersant. Habitat: Forests, the forest edge, plantations, sparsely wooded open country, wooded gardens. Habits: Usually in pairs. Sometimes in small groups of up to five, huddled together on bare branches of dead trees. Frequently darts out rapidly from a perch to capture flying insects. Will also attack small birds.


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