Giant Ibis (National bird of Cambodia)

Giant_IbisConservation status: CRITICALLY ENDANGERED
Common name: Giant Ibis
Scientific name: Thaumatibis gigantea
Type: Bird
Diet: Aquatic invertebrates, eels, crustaceans, insects, small amphibians, and reptiles
Length: 102 cm – 106 cm (Adult)
Weight: 4.2 kg

The giant ibis is a lowland bird that inhabits marshes, swamps, lakes, wide rivers, and flooded plains. Although they were quite common in Mekong Delta until the 1920s, now only a small population remains in Cambodia, southern Laos, and Vietnam.

These birds are another victim of deforestation and the drainage of wetlands. To me, it seems like many species go extinct or fall into the critically endangered category as they don’t receive enough attention, just like this one.

I hope this post can raise more awareness and gather more attention to these birds.



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