Dusky Leaf Monkey

06AD896A-1CD9-49D9-9478-B67EDFB9A82F.jpegConservation status: NEAR THREATENED
Common name: Dusky Leaf Monkey, Spectacled Langur, or Spectacled Leaf Monkey
Scientific name: Trachypithecus obscurus
Type: Mammal
Diet:  flowers, shoots, seedlings, leaves, and fruits
Length: 42 cm – 61 cm (Adult Male)
Weight:  5 kg – 9 kg (Adult)

The dusky leaf monkey, with its cute and adorable looks, is a primate species. They have large white colored circles around their eyes which give an appearance of a spectacle, which is the basis for its second funny name, the Spectacled Langur. This animal has white colored patches of fur around its mouth and stomach, while the rest of the fur has a gray to brownish color. The color of its fur varies along the 7 subspecies.

The most surprising thing about these monkeys, however, is their ability to eat. While only weighing five to nine kilograms, a dusky leaf monkey can eat one to two kilograms of food. It always makes me curious about how these small creatures can stuff up their stomachs with so much food without getting obese.

Dusky leaf monkeys, especially babies, are cute and adorable. This has led to buying and breeding as pets in some areas. However, such seemingly innocent act in the love of this animal can lead to increased poaching of little baby monkeys – separating from their family!



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