Borneo Bearded Pig

435C8253-015C-4CFE-90D8-545C18F1C671Conservation status: VULNERABLE
Common name: Borneo Bearded Pig
Scientific name: Sus barbatus
Type: Mammal
Diet: Roots, shoots, fallen fruits, turtle eggs, and insects
Length: 1.3 m
Weight: 100 kg (Adult)

The Bornean bearded pig is a species in the pig genus that can be recognized by its prominent beard. They can be found in Sumatra, Borneo, the Malay Peninsula, and other smaller islands in the Sulu archipelago. They have long, slender legs and an elongated head with a yellowish-white beard on their snout. The body is covered with grey bristles. These bearded creatures roam around rainforests and mangrove forests foraging for food. They live in families and have a very wide range of diet, from fallen fruits to turtle eggs on the shore.

I often picture these creatures as the cleaners of the forests, wiping the forest clean of fallen fruits and other types of food with their beards. Hopefully, the bearded pigs can receive more attention so that more people become aware of the declining population. The cause of such decline is not really clear, perhaps heightened perils along the migration path but probably not due to hunting given that Indonesia is largely Muslim country.

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