Giant Atlas Moth

0FDC0195-25C7-4046-9B14-88501B950265Conservation status: LEAST CONCERN
Common name: Giant Atlas Moth
Scientific name: Attacus atlas
Type: Insect
Diet: tree leaves (as caterpillars)
Length: 11. 5 cm (with a wingspan of 25 – 30 cm)
Weight: Unknown

On my way out, I found this giant Atlas moth (which had sadly lost its wing and passed away) near my house. I knew that these moths are quite common in Singapore and in other Southeast Asian countries, but it was my first time actually seeing one. It was really huge, covering almost all of my hand! Hopefully, I can meet one that’s alive next time.

Interesting fact.

  • In India, Atlas moth are cultivated for their wool-like silk, fagara
  • In Taiwan, moth cocoons are sometimes used as small pocket change purse


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