Eld’s Deer

Eld's_DeerConservation status: ENDANGERED
Common name: eld’s deer, thamin, brow-antlered deer
Scientific name: Panolia eldii
Type: mammal
Diet: n/a
Length: 99 cm (height 150–180 cm )
Weight: 125–175 kg

Eld’s deer population has declined more than 50% in the past two decades.  There are three sub-species of Eld’s deer and are distributed as follows – Rucervus eldii eldii in India (thought to be extinct but rediscovered; 180), Rucervus eldii thamin in Myanmar & Thailand (2,200), Rucervus eldii siamensis in Cambodia & Vietnam (low tens), and Laos (possibly extinct).  Factors driving decline are deforestation for grazing and hunting (for food). The species have a fragmented distribution and are therefore at risk from inbreeding and loss of genetic variation



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